Standalone CloverDX Data Profiler Reporting Console requires users to authenticate before they are allowed to access the results. Additionally, the user has to have required permissions assigned to them to be able to view the profiling results.

    Group-level permissions

    Reporting Console utilizes one group-level permission - Open Profiler Reporting Console. Enable this permission for those groups of users who should be allowed to access the Reporting Console. This permission by itself is not sufficient to view any actual results. The users also need to have appropriate sandbox-level permissions assigned.

    Sandbox-level permissions

    It is possible to control which users will be able to view results of profiler jobs from specific sandboxes. In the CloverDX Server administration, it is possible to assign and remove the following permissions:

    • Read Profiler Results

      Users with this permission will be able to view profiling results of jobs from given sandbox.

    • Administer Profiler Results

      Users with this permission will be able to delete profiler jobs and runs of jobs from given sandbox. This permission is also required for the profiler job to be moved to a new sandbox - the user who executes such job in a new sandbox needs to have the permission to administer profiler results in the old sandbox, so that the results can be re-assigned to a new sandbox.

    Public API Authorization

    Except for the public RSS feeds, all the other access via public API is protected with HTTP BASIC Authentication mechanism. Just as with user authentication in the web interface of the Reporting Console, the user names, passwords and permissions to view and delete results in given sandbox are checked with CloverDX Server. The public API is described in Public API.