Configuring CloverDX Server

    CloverDX Server needs to know the location of profiling results database and the location (URL) of the Reporting Console.

    By default, CloverDX Server is configured to connect to the default profiling results database that is automatically launched by Reporting Console. If you wish to store the profiling results into a different database, you need to configure both the Reporting Console ( and CloverDX Server ( at the same time. Settings of both use the same format. Just as for Reporting Console, use this set of properties in CloverDX Server configuration, for example:


    To configure different than default location of Reporting Console, set the profiler.reporting.console property, the default value is http://localhost:8080/profiler

    Connection pooling

    Table 6.1. Data Profiler connection pool settings

    datasource.profiler.pool​.initialSizeThe initial number of connections that are created when the pool is started.1
    datasource.profiler.pool​.maxActiveThe maximum number of active connections that can be allocated from this pool at the same time.50
    datasource.profiler.pool​.maxWaitThe maximum number of milliseconds that the pool will wait (when there are no available connections) for a connection to be returned before throwing an exception.30000
    datasource.profiler.pool​.minIdleThe minimum number of established connections that should be kept in the pool at all times. Idle connections are checked periodically and connections that been idle for longer than minEvictableIdleTimeMillis will be released.0
    datasource.profiler.pool​.maxIdleThe maximum number of connections that should be kept in the pool at all times.2
    datasource.profiler.pool​.minEvictableIdleTimeMillisThe minimum amount of time an object may sit idle in the pool before it is eligible for eviction.20000
    datasource.profiler.pool​.jmxEnabledRegister the pool with JMX or not.true
    datasource.profiler.pool​.timeBetweenEvictionRunsMillisThe number of milliseconds to sleep between runs of the idle connection validation/cleaner thread. This value should not be set under 1 second. It dictates how often we check for idle, abandoned connections, and how often we validate idle connections.10000
    datasource.profiler.pool​.removeAbandonedFlag to remove abandoned connections if they exceed the removeAbandonedTimeout. If set to true a connection is considered abandoned and eligible for removal if it has been in use longer than the removeAbandonedTimeout. Not recommended for Data Profiler as it uses connections with long life span.false
    datasource.profiler.pool​.removeAbandonedTimeoutTimeout in seconds before an abandoned(in use) connection can be removed. Not used when removeAbandoned is set to false.240