Chapter 21. Graphs

    CloverDX graph is the smallest executable work flow unit.

    The CloverDX Graphs are created within CloverDX projects.

    In the following sections we are going to describe how you can create your graphs:

    1. Create an empty graph in a project. See Creating an Empty Graph.

    2. Create the transformation graph using graph components, elements and others tools. See Creating a Simple Graph.


    Remember that once you have already some CloverDX project in you workspace and have opened the CloverDX perspective, you can create your next CloverDX projects in a slightly different way:

    • You can create directly a new CloverDX project from the main menu by selecting FileNewCloverDX Project or select FileNewProject... and do what has been described above.

    • You can also right-click inside the Project Explorer pane and select either directly NewCloverDX Project or NewProject... from the context menu and do what has been described above.

    When creating a pure graph, mind these two options in the FileNew menu:

    • Jobflow - creates a *.jbf file similar to a graph. You can fill it with Job Control components. These are meant for executing, monitoring and aborting other graphs and complex workflows. Further reading also at Common Properties of Job Control.

    • Profiler Job - creates a new *.cpj file that lets you perform statistical analyses of your data. See the ProfilerProbe component.