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    QuickBaseImportCSV adds and updates a QuickBase online database table records.

    ComponentData outputInput portsOutput portsTransformationTransf. requiredJavaCTLAuto-propagated metadata


    Port typeNumberRequiredDescriptionMetadata
    Input0For input data records.any
    Output0For accepted data records.

    integer or long field for the table Record ID# field values of the imported records

    Output1for rejected data records

    Input metadata enriched by up to three Error Fields for QuickBaseImportCSV


    QuickBaseImportCSV does not propagate metadata.

    Table 56.12. Error Fields for QuickBaseImportCSV

    Field numberField nameData typeDescription
    optional[1]specified in the Error code output fieldinteger | longerror code
    optional[1]Specified in the Error message output field.stringerror message
    optional[1]specified in the Batch number output fieldinteger | longindex (starting from 1) of the failed batch

    [1] The error fields must be placed behind the input fields.

    QuickBaseImportCSV Attributes

    AttributeReqDescriptionPossible values
    QuickBase connection

    The ID of the connection to the QuickBase online database, see QuickBase Connections.

    Table ID

    The ID of the table in the QuickBase application data records are to be written into. Select a table in the QuickBase UI and copy the table ID from the browser URL:

    e.g. bqib669xe
    Batch size The maximum number of records in one batch100 (default) | 1-N

    A period-delimited list of table field_ids to which the input data columns map. The order is preserved. Thus, enter a 0 for columns not to be imported. If not specified, the database tries to add unique records. It must be set if editing records. The input data must include a column that contains the record ID for each record that you are updating.

    Error code output field 

    The name of the error metadata field for storing the error code, see Error Fields for QuickBaseImportCSV.

    Error message output field 

    The name of the error metadata field for storing the error message, see Error Fields for QuickBaseImportCSV.

    Batch number output field 

    The name of the error metadata field for storing the index of the corrupted batch, see Error Fields for QuickBaseImportCSV.

    Obtaining Table ID

    Figure 56.18. Obtaining Table ID


    QuickBaseImportCSV receives data records through the input port and writes them into a QuickBase online database. Generates record IDs for successfully written records and sends them out through the first optional output port if connected. The first field on this output port must be of a string data type. Into this field, generated record IDs will be written. Information about rejected data records can be sent out through the optional second port if connected.

    This component wraps the API_ImportFromCSV HTTP interaction (