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    Short Description

    QuickBaseRecordReader reads data from a QuickBase online database.

    ComponentData sourceInput portsOutput portsEach to all outputsDifferent to different outputsTransformationTransf. req.JavaCTLAuto-propagated metadata


    Port typeNumberRequiredDescriptionMetadata
    Input0For getting application table record IDs to be read.first field: integer | long
    Output0For correct data records.Data types and positions of fields must fit the table field types.[1]
    1information about rejected recordsError Metadata for QuickBaseRecordReader[2]

    [1] Only source_row_count autofilling function returning the record ID can be used.

    [2] Error metadata cannot use Autofilling Functions.


    QuickBaseRecordReader does not propagate metadata.

    QuickBaseRecordReader has no metadata template.

    Metadata fields on error port have to have the following structure:

    Table 55.14. Error Metadata for QuickBaseRecordReader

    Field numberField nameData typeDescription
    0<any_name1>integer | longID of the erroneous record
    1<any_name2>integer | longerror code
    2<any_name3>stringerror message

    QuickBaseRecordReader Attributes

    AttributeReqDescriptionPossible values
    QuickBase connection

    The ID of the connection to the QuickBase online database, see QuickBase Connections.

    Table ID

    The ID of the table in the QuickBase application data records are to be get from. Select a table in the QuickBase UI and copy the table ID from the browser URL:

    e.g. bqib669xe
    Records list 

    The list of record IDs (separated by a semicolon) to be read from the specified database table. These records are read first, before the records specified in the input data.

    Obtaining Table ID

    Figure 55.20. Obtaining Table ID


    QuickBaseRecordReader reads data from a QuickBase online database. Records, the IDs of which are specified in the Records list component attribute, are read first. Records with IDs specified in the input are read afterward.

    The read records are sent through the connected first output port. If the record is erroneous (e.g. not present in the database table), it can can be sent out through the optional second port if it is connected.

    This component wraps the API_GetRecordInfo HTTP interaction (