Chapter 1. About CloverDX Data Profiler

    CloverDX Data Profiler is a CloverDX module that lets you perform various analyses of your data. These tasks comprise e.g. finding the maximum value, median, the most unique value and many others.

    Data profiling helps you observe and maintain data quality. Are you hesitant to choose a good primary key for your database table? Use CloverDX Data Profiler to search for the most unique value among all table columns. Do you need to check whether all your values, such as zip codes, match a given pattern? Then CloverDX Data Profiler is your aide. The aforementioned and many other attributes of your data are observed by means of so-called metrics.

    Choosing metrics you want to apply on your data creates jobs that can be run repeatedly. Every such run produces a job report which is displayed as charts and graphs in a web browser. Reports can be later exported to a file or printed out directly.

    CloverDX Data Profiler - viewing job results

    Figure 1.1. CloverDX Data Profiler - viewing job results