User Classpath

    You can add your own libraries to the CloverDX Runtime classpath.

    User Entries

    Add your libraries under User Entries.

    CloverDX Runtime - User Classpath

    Figure 13.7. CloverDX Runtime - User Classpath

    Add Projects

    Add Project adds the source code of a project and all libraries of the project which are marked as exported to the classpath.

    Note: Libraries can be marked as exported using PropertiesJava Build path in context menu of corresponding project.

    Add JARs

    Adds .jar file(s). The files have to be within the workspace.

    Add External JARs

    Adds .jar file(s). The files do not have to be within the workspace, they may be placed within an arbitrary directory on the file system.


    The Advanced button opens an additional dialog to choose not frequently used options.

    User Classpath - Advanced Options

    Figure 13.8. User Classpath - Advanced Options

    Add Folder

    Adds a folder with .class files within the workspace.

    Add External Folder

    Adds a folder with .class files. The folder can be on arbitrary place within the system, it does not have to be in the workspace.

    Add Classpath Variables

    Adds a variable name pointing to a .jar file, folder with .class files. It may be within the workspace or out of the workspace.

    Add Library

    Adds a library (.jar file or set of .class files with a predefined name).

    Opens a wizard for adding a library. You can use it, for example, to add CloverDX Engine libraries.

    Add Variable String

    Adds an environment variable. The value of the variable will be added to the classpath.