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    Short Description

    Success is a successful endpoint in a jobflow.

    ComponentData outputInput portsOutput portsTransformationTransf. requiredJavaCTLAuto-propagated metadata


    Port typeNumberRequiredDescriptionMetadata
    Input0-1For received tokensAny

    Success Attributes

    AttributeReqDescriptionPossible values
    Messageno Text message to log for each incoming token.text

    Mapping is used for dynamic assembling of a log message. Moreover, dictionary content can be changed as well. See Details.



    Success is a successful endpoint in a jobflow. Tokens that flow into the component are not processed anymore - they are considered to be successfully processed within the jobflow. The component can serve as a visual marker of success in a jobflow.

    The component can log a message and set contents of a dictionary - it is similar to the Fail component.

    Mapping details

    Mapping in the Success component is generally used for two purposes:

    • Assembling of a log message from an incoming record.

    • Populating a dictionary content from an incoming record.


      Only output dictionary entries can be changed.

    A log message compiled by the mapping has the highest priority. If the mapping does not set 'message', the message from the component attribute is used instead. If no message is set via the attribute or mapping, nothing is logged.