CloverDX Data Profiler GUI

    The default application window layout is shown on figure below:

    CloverDX Data Profiler GUI

    Figure 4.1. CloverDX Data Profiler GUI

    As you can see, there are several key elements of the GUI:

    • Workspace - this is where all your projects are placed when you create them. Projects are filled with jobs, i.e. the data profiling scenarios.

    • Main menu - allows you to access most of the CloverDX Designer and Data Profiler functionality.

    • Toolbar - grants you access to the most frequent functions:

      • New - enables you to create a new project, profiler job, folder or others

      • Save - saves your work on the current job if you made any changes to it

      • Open Reporting Console - opens the Reporting Console inside the application

      • Open Reporting Console in a external browser - opens a new window inside your default web browser and displays the Reporting Console there

      • Edit properties of this job, Run this job, Show this job results - see Job actions below

    • Job actions - here you Edit a job, Run it or display run Results. See the section called “Running Jobs”.

    • Metrics - the central part of the job pane showing detailed metrics settings. This part shows up as soon as you double-click an existing job or create a new one. See the section called “Creating Jobs” and Appendix A, List of Metrics.

      • Property | Value pane - this is where some metrics are configured. See Metrics.