Public API

    Besides the rich user web interface for browsing the profiling results, Reporting Console also offers public REST API to access results metainfo and data in JSON, XML and CSV formats.

    Documentation of this API is available to you at the location /restapi.html

    The API is structured in a similar way the web GUI of the Reporting Console is structured. The root information you can get is the listing of all profiling jobs. By using the UUID of a job of your choice, you can then obtain information about one specific job, including a list of its runs. Similarly, you can further drill down to results of a single run.

    Historic Metric Values

    The API also gives you the ability to obtain data about how the value of the metric was evolving in time. You can further process this data in any tool of your choice. The Reporting Console provides an example page on the address /example_dygraph.html which demonstrates how this public API can be used to draw charts of metric results values.

    You need to specify the UUID of the job for which you want to list the results, field name and engine metric names. Via the public API you can obtain the listing of all available metrics and their engine names.

    RSS Feed

    Part of the public API is also a set of RSS feeds. These do not require any authorization and are therefore publicly visible. Use these feeds to be notified about new results of your jobs.

    RSS feeds can be completely disabled by setting the configuration variable rss.enabled to false. See Configuration