List of Data Services

    The Data Services tab contains list of all data services on the Server.

    List of Data Services

    Figure 47.4. List of Data Services

    • The button in the left column serves to enable () or disable () the service (e.g. temporary disable due to maintenance). A disabled Data Service returns the HTTP status code 503.

    • In the second column, there are Endpoint title, method(s) and a part of endpoint URL.

      Icon decorators indicate these endpoint states:

      - The Data Service does not require authentication.

      - The Data Service saves the job execution record in Execution History.

      - The Data Service is marked as failing.

      - The Data Service is available on HTTPS.

      - The Data App is enabled for this endpoint.

    • The third and fourth columns contain query statistics.

    • The last column contains a menu with Data Service actions Unpublish, Reset Endpoint State and Enable/Disable App.