Reporting Console as Standalone Server

    Besides running inside of your CloverDX Designer installation, Reporting Console can also be deployed as a standalone server application, serving clients wishing to browse profiling results via their web browser.

    Integration with CloverDX Server

    By deploying Reporting Console into its own Application server, the execution of Profiler jobs can be kept separate from viewing the results. CloverDX Server will be where your profiler jobs get executed, while Reporting Console is where you view the results. You can deploy both applications into different application servers, and those can even exist on different physical machines.

    Both applications, however, need to communicate with each other. By default, the Reporting Console requires every user viewing the profiling results to enter their username and password. These credentials are then checked with cooperation of CloverDX Server, which checks whether the user is authorized to access profiling results. More on this in Permissions.

    At the same time, CloverDX Server can contact the Reporting Console when it wants to redirect the user to the results of desired Profiling job.