Data Profiler Graph Components

    In CloverDX Graphs, two components are made available to you by the Data Profiler feature.


    You can look up this component in PaletteData Quality.

    The component allows profiling real data that is flowing on your graphs' edges in Designer. This component should be used if you need to use the results of profiling in your transformation graphs, as this component makes these results available to you in its output ports.

    In case this component is used in server environment (remote graph launched on CloverDX Server), the component also stores the profiling results into the profiling results database.

    For more information, see the ProfilerProbe component documentation.


    You can look up this component in PaletteJob Control.

    This component allows for automated execution of Profiler jobs (.cpj) and combined with other Job control components can participate in complex Jobflows.

    Use this component when you are interested in browsing the result using the Reporting Console and when you wish to profile your data as a part of a complex automated process (jobflow).

    For more information, see the Jobflow documentation and ExecuteProfilerJob component documentation.