Chapter 9. Optional Installation Steps

    This chapter describes optional installation steps for items not specified in the previous sections.

    Adding Libraries to the Worker's Classpath

    Worker may need additional libraries, e.g. a JDBC driver library or the Bouncy Castle cryptographic library. There are two ways to add the libraries.

    Using default worker classpath directory

    Create a worker-lib directory in the ${clover.home} directory and place the libraries there. The path set by clover.home can be found in Server GUI under ConfigurationCloverDX InfoServer Properties.

    Configuration Property

    Create a directory containing the libraries and set the worker.classpath configuration property to the path to this directory.

    Worker Support for SMB 2.x and 3.x

    Worker supports the SMB 2.x and 3.x protocol. It utilizes the SMBJ library dependent on Bouncy Castle.

    Before you start using SMB 2.x/3.x & Bouncy Castle:

    1. Go to the official Latest Bouncy Castle Java Releases page.

    2. Locate the section "SIGNED JAR FILES" and download the latest release.

      Download a required .jar file. The filename consists of the name bcprov-jdk15on, followed by a version number, for example:


      1. Recommended - after you download the .jar file, you can point to the directory containing the file by adding the following line:


        to the JVM arguments field in the Worker tab of Setup GUI.

      2. Alternatively - create a worker-lib directory in the ${}/CloverDX directory and move the jar file there;

    3. Now if you are using the recommended method, you only need to restart Worker. When using the alternative method, restart CloverDX Server for the changes to take effect.