The Detail tab contains overview of the particular endpoint. To display the Detail tab, click the particular line in the list of endpoints.

    Data Service Detail tab

    Figure 40.5. Data Service Detail tab

    • Endpoint title is in the top of the tab's pane. It is the endpoint title specified in Designer on the Endpoint Configuration tab.

    • Methods - indicates endpoint methods.

    • Data Service URL - the configurable part of Endpoint URL. It can be set from Designer

    • Endpoint URL - URL of the endpoint. This URL serves the requests.

      The Copy link () button copies the link to the clipboard.

    • Description - contain a user-defined description of the Data Service. It can be set in Designer.

    • Testing and Documentation page - links documentation of the endpoint. You can test the service there. This URL can be passed down to consumer of the service. The consumer can use the information from this URL to implement the client system.

    • Swagger file - allows you to download a swagger file with the definition of the Data Service.

    • Sandbox - sandbox containing the data service .rjob file.

    • REST job file is a file name and path relative to the sandbox.