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    User’s Guide

    This User’s Guide refers to CloverDX Wrangler 6.2.1 release.

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    1. Getting started
    How Wrangler works (video)
    Quick tutorial (video)
    Source: Choosing data for your job
    Combining multiple data sources
    Lookup configuration
    Lookup hints
    Job anatomy: Understanding steps and repeatability
    Moving between steps
    What to consider before adding a column
    Column data types
    Formulas and calculations
    Comparing values
    Calculations and functions
    Modify values based on a condition
    if function
    Ternary operator
    Working with strings (text)
    Working with decimals (including currency)
    Working with dates
    Errors in your data
    No data or some missing?
    No value: Working with null and empty values
    Replacing empty value with a default value
    Filtering data
    Getting results from your job
    Target: Configuring job output
    Mapping your data to specific target
    2. Data sources and targets
    Data sources
    My Sources
    Adding data sources to My Sources
    Updating data source in an existing job
    Data source connectors
    CSV data sources
    Data targets
    My Targets
    Adding data targets to My Targets
    Updating data target in existing job
    Target mapping
    Downloading and viewing output files
    Reject file format
    Data target connectors
    CSV data targets
    Excel data targets
    3. Data Catalog
    Searching in the Data Catalog
    Connector details
    4. Transforming data
    My Jobs screen
    Creating your job
    Duplicate job
    Job Export and Import
    Test run
    Working with transformations
    Data quality bar
    Using Steps sidebar
    Data types in Wrangler
    Integer data type
    Decimal data type
    Date data type
    String data type
    Boolean data type
    Empty values
    Formatting your data
    Integer formatting
    Decimal formatting
    Date formatting
    Using formulas
    Quick example
    Mathematical operators
    Comparison operators
    Logical operators
    Error handling in Wrangler
    Errors in data
    Validation errors
    Errors occurring during step execution
    Step configuration errors
    Errors and output
    Fixing errors
    Fixing data errors
    Fixing step execution errors
    Fixing step configuration errors
    Running jobs in Wrangler
    Viewing job status
    Job run details
    How does Wrangler expression language differ from CTL?
    Data types
    if function
    How to use CTL functions in Wrangler?
    List of common functions
    Date functions
    String functions
    Conversion functions
    5. Transformation steps
    Data set manipulation steps
    Add column
    Duplicate column
    Delete column(s)
    Rename column
    Reorder columns
    Split column
    Filter rows based on formula
    Calculate formula
    Text manipulation steps
    Left substring
    Right substring
    Pad left
    Pad right
    Normalize whitespaces
    Remove whitespaces
    Remove accents
    Remove non-alphanumeric characters
    Remove non-ASCII characters
    Remove non-numeric characters
    Remove non-printable characters
    Replace text
    Mask text
    Data validation (data quality) steps
    Validate against list
    Validate credit card
    Validate email
    Validate if not empty
    Validate pattern match
    Validate phone number
    Validate text length
    Validate value range
    Validate with formula
    Error handling steps
    Remove rows with errors
    Replace errors
    Replace empty values
    Clear error cells
    Math steps
    Absolute value
    Round step
    Square root
    Raise number to a power
    Natural logarithm
    Common logarithm
    Division remainder
    Date manipulation steps
    Current date and time
    Date add/subtract
    Date difference
    Get part of date
    Data conversion steps
    Convert to boolean
    Convert to date
    Convert to decimal
    Convert to integer
    Convert to string
    Convert Unix time to date