23. Monitoring

    The Monitoring section in the CloverDX Server console provides multiple features that will help you monitor and report on your automated tasks, manage the Server core and worker processes, monitor the Server resource utilization, or review additional technical information.

    The Monitoring section consists of multiple parts:

    1. The main Monitoring section, which is also called the Operations Dashboard. The Operations Dashboard can be used to monitor your business tasks' state of data processing and is described in more detail in a separate chapter.

    2. The Resources section provides an overview of the Server’s current state and recent history from the technical point of view (e.g., the heap space allocated to the Server worker and core or the system memory and CPU utilization). This section also allows you to manage the Server core and worker processes. The appearance of the Resources section is different in standalone Server environments and cluster environments: see Standalone Server View and Cluster View.

    3. The Status History section, which displays the history of the Server core and worker states.

    4. The Server Logs section, where you can review the latest CloverDX Server log messages.