Exporting Internal Lookup Tables

    Export of an internal lookup table creates an external (shared) lookup table as a copy of internal lookup table. The original lookup table is left untouched within the graph and the newly created lookup table is not linked.

    You can export an internal lookup table into external (shared) one by right-clicking any of the internal lookup tables items in the Outline pane and selecting Export lookup table from the context menu. The lookup folder of the corresponding project will be offered for the newly created external file. You can change the file name and click Finish to create the file.

    After that, the Outline pane lookups folder remains the same, but in the lookup folder in the Project Explorer pane the newly created lookup table file appears.

    You can export multiple selected internal lookup tables in a similar way as it is described in the previous section about externalizing.

    Externalizing vs. Exporting

    Externalizing converts an internal object to external one. The external object is created and linked to the graph. The internal object is deleted. It is similar to move operation.

    Export creates a new external object. The new external object is not linked to the graph. The internal object is still available. Is is similar to copy operation.