33. Support Package

    CloverDX Server allows you to create a support package. The support package is intended to simplify and expedite communication with the CloverCARE Support by collecting useful information for the troubleshooting in advance.

    The package is a ZIP file containing information collected from CloverDX Server and the execution environment, namely:

    • CloverDX Server configuration

    • CloverDX Server log files

    • Application container log files

    • Java Virtual Machine attributes

    • Java system properties

    • Operating system properties

    • Server core thread dump

    • Worker thread dump

    All information is stored as text files and you can check content of the package before attaching it to CloverCARE support ticket.

    Downloading Support Package

    In Server GUI, go to Configuration  System Info  Support Package.

    To download the support package click on the Download Support Package button. You can also customize content of the package not to contain information that could be considered sensitive.

    To download the support packages from all connected cluster nodes (in clustered deployments), click on the Download Support Packages From All Cluster Nodes button. This will collect individual packages from nodes and download a single common ZIP file.

    The size of the support package is limited to 50 MB by default to meet the upload limit of the CloverCARE web site. The server packs the log files starting with the newest ones until the limit is reached. This can be disabled to pack all of present log files should they be needed for the troubleshooting.

    When downloading support packages from all cluster nodes, the size limit applies to the individual node packages, not to the resulting common ZIP file.