Graph States

    An executed graph can occupy one of the following states.

    • naComponent N/A

      Job execution request has been registered and persisted. This status lasts only for a short interval.

    • enqueued status ENQUEUED

      Job execution command has been received. Job waits in Job Queue for later execution.

    • readyComponent READY

      Job initialization process is almost done.

    • runningComponent RUNNING

      Job is running.

    • waitingComponent WAITING

      Used only by the engine as a component status.

    • finishedOkComponent FINISHED_OK

      The job finished without a failure.

    • errorComponent ERROR

      A failure occurred during data processing or during initialization process.

    • abortedComponent ABORTED

      The job has been aborted or killed.


      May occur when the job execution exceeds a specified limit, but the TIMEOUT status is never visible in the execution history. Time-outed job may be aborted, thus the status changes from RUNNING to ABORTED.

    • unknownComponent UNKNOWN

      When the server detects inconsistency of the job status, it is set as UNKNOWN. For example, when the server starts-up and there are RUNNING jobs in the database, which is impossible since the server has not started yet.