Debug Perspective

    Debug perspective serves for debugging graphs.

    Debug View

    The Debug view, located in the upper left corner, displays a stack trace of function calls.

    Variables and Breakpoints

    The Variables tab displays a list of variables and their values. You can read values, but you cannot modify them.

    The Breakpoints tab displays a list of breakpoints. You can disable breakpoints, enable disabled breakpoints, export breakpoints and import breakpoints.

    To go to the line in source code, right click the breakpoint in the list and choose Go to file from the context menu.

    To disable the breakpoint, uncheck the checkbox.

    To enable the breakpoint, check the checkbox.

    To export breakpoints, right click the breakpoints and choose Export breakpoints from the context menu. In the dialog, choose breakpoints to export and specify a file name.

    To import breakpoints, right click the breakpoint and choose Import breakpoints from the context menu. In the first step of the wizard, specify the file name. Then choose the breakpoints to be imported.

    Graph Editor and Outline

    Graph Editor and Outline have the same functionality as in CloverDX perspective.