31. Metadata

    Metadata is data describing the data structure.

    Each edge of a graph carries some data. This data must be described using metadata. Metadata describes both the record as a whole and all its fields.

    Records can be of different types, each field can have different data type. See Records and Fields.

    The metadata can be either internal, or external (shared). Metadata can also be created dynamically from an SQL query or read from remote sources. See Metadata Types.

    For details on metadata propagation, see Auto-propagated Metadata.

    Metadata can be created from:

    Metadata editor is described in Metadata Editor.

    For detailed information about changing or defining delimiters in delimited or mixed record types, see Changing and Defining Delimiters.

    Metadata can also be edited in its source code. See Editing Metadata in the Source Code.

    Metadata can serve as a source for creating a database table. See Create Database Table from Metadata.