Metadata Import in CTL2

    Since CloverDX 5.6, it is also possible to import metadata from an external .fmt file, similarly to importing external .ctl files. Then you can use these metadata definitions in CTL when creating record structures. This enables you to use metadata that are unavailable in the current graph. Note that imported metadata can overlay metadata with the same name that already exist in the current graph.

    import metadata "<path>";


    import metadata "<path>" <new name>;

    The scope of these new metadata definitions is limited just to the current CTL script, so other components don’t see them.

    Example 64. CTL Metadata Import
    import metadata "${META_DIR}/OrderItem.fmt"; // import OrderItem
    // import metadata from Person.fmt and rename it to "Customer"
    import metadata "${META_DIR}/Person.fmt" Customer;
    OrderItem item;
    item.productId = 12345;
    item.quantity = 5;
    Customer c;
    c.firstName = "John";