Externalizing Internal Sequences

    Internal sequence can be converted to external (shared) sequence. As a result you would be able to use the same sequence for more graphs.

    Externalizing Internal Sequence Step by Step
    1. Right-click an internal sequence item in the Outline pane and select Externalize sequence.

    2. A Sequence dialog opens.

    3. Set up the seq filename and directory of workspace to place it. Generally you do not have to change the suggested values.

    4. The internal sequence in Outline view is replaced by a link to the exported sequence and new file appears in Project Explorer.

    Externalizing multiple sequences at once

    You can even externalize multiple internal sequence items at once.

    1. Select sequences in the Outline pane.

    2. Right-click the selected items and select Externalize sequence from the context menu.

    3. A new dialog opens in which a seq folder of the corresponding projects of your workspace can be seen. The directory is offered as the location for this new external (shared) sequence file. If you want (a file with the same name may already exist), you can change the suggested name of the sequence file.

    4. Close the dialog using OK.

    5. The selected internal sequence items from the Outline pane’s Sequences group change to external (shared) sequences and the sequence files appear in the selected project and can be seen in the Project Explorer pane.

    You can choose adjacent sequence items when you press the Shift and Down Cursor or Up Cursor key. If you want to choose non-adjacent items, use Ctrl+Click at each of the desired sequence items instead.