Replace text

    Replace text replaces all matches of a regular expression within text with the replacement text.

    • Input column: required, a string column containing input text.

    • Replaced text: required, a regular expression to search for in the input text. Note that the replace function is case-sensitive.

    • Replacement: optional, text which will be used as replacement for each occurrence of the Replaced text in the input. If left empty, the value in the Replaced text field will be deleted.

    • Target column: required, configure the column which will receive the output. Output will always be of string type.

      • Write result to the current column: overwrite the input column with the result.

      • Create new column with name: create a new column with specified name. Name of the new column can contain spaces or special characters - technical column name will be created automatically. The new column will be placed right after the input column.

    Input value Replaced text Replacement Result Description

    Two boxes: red box and blue BOX



    Two cares: red car and blue BOX

    Simple replacements without special symbols can be done directly. Search for instances of "box" and replace with "car". Search is case-sensitive, so word "BOX" is left as is.

    Hello, Emily.



    H-X-llo, -X-mily

    Square brackets define character group. Here we define a group that contains "E" and "e"All occurrences of letters from the group are replaced with string -X-.

    Hello, Emily



    Hallo, Emily

    In this example we define capture group using round brackets and use it to capture all lower-case Ls. The group is then referenced in the replacement text using $1 syntax.

    No value

    No value

    Calling the step on No value returns No value.



    • Calling the step on No value returns No value.

    • Calling the step on cell with an Error returns Error.