Component Name

    Each component has a label which can be changed. Since you can have multiple components in a graph, each with specified function, you can name them accordingly for easier reference.

    You can rename any component in one of the following four ways:

    • In the Edit component dialog by specifying the Component name attribute.

    • In the Properties tab by specifying the Component name attribute.

    • By highlighting and clicking it.

      If you highlight any component (by clicking the component itself or by clicking its item in the Outline pane), a hint appears showing the name of the component. After clicking the component, a rectangle appears below the component, showing the Component name on a blue background. You can change the name shown in this rectangle and press Enter.

      Figure 145. Simple Renaming Components
    • You can right-click the component and select Rename from the context menu. After that, the same rectangle as mentioned above appears below the component. You can rename the component in the way described above.