6. System Requirements

    Hardware Requirements

    The following table shows hardware requirements for CloverDX Server and CloverDX Cluster.

    Table 1. Hardware requirements
    Hardware Server Cluster (each node)


    8 GB (recommended 64 GB)

    8 GB (recommended 64 GB)


    8 logical cores [1]

    8 logical cores [1][2]

    Disk space (installation)

    1 GB

    1 GB

    Disk space (temp space)

    > 25 GB [3]

    > 25 GB [3]

    Disk space (data)

    > 50 GB [3]

    > 50 GB [3]

    Disk space (shared) [4]


    > 50 GB [3]


    A CPU core in this context is a logical core. Most modern processors use simultaneous multi-threading (called Hyper-Threading by Intel) and the number of logical cores is double the number of physical cores.


    This may vary depending on total number of nodes and cores in license.


    Minimum value, the disk space depends on data.


    Disk space for shared sandboxes is required only for CloverDX Cluster.

    Software Requirements

    Operating System

    CloverDX Server is compatible with Windows 10 and Unix-based systems, as well as with other systems supporting Java (macOS, IBM System V, etc.). We test primarily on CentOS-7 (2009).

    Internet Browsers

    CloverDX Server supports:

    • Mozilla Firefox (latest)

    • Google Chrome (latest)

    Java Virtual Machine

    CloverDX Server requires Java Development Kit (JDK) to run. CloverDX Server will run with limited functionality on Java Runtime Environment (JRE) and we strongly recommend against using JRE only.

    Application Servers Compatibility
    • Apache Tomcat 9

    • VMware tc Server Standard (4.1, Tomcat 9.0)

    • Red Hat JBoss Web Server 5.4

    Table 2. Compatibility Matrix
    Application Server Eclipse Temurin JDK 11 or 17 BellSoft Liberica OpenJDK 11 Red Hat OpenJDK 11

    Tomcat 9


    VMware tc Server Standard (4.1, Tomcat 9.0)




    Red Hat JBoss Web Server 5.4




    Only on CentOS or Ubuntu Linux


    Only on Red Hat Enterprise Linux

    Database servers

    CloverDX Server requires a database to store its configuration, track job execution history and other events.

    We support the following database servers. CloverDX Server will work with various minor versions of each database, although we only test on specific minor versions as detailed below.

    Using a different major version of a database server is not supported and might result in unexpected behavior or issues during the installation or upgrade process.


    Version used in our internal testing

    The evaluation version of CloverDX Server uses an embedded Apache Derby database to make the installation simpler and faster. The Derby database is supported for evaluation purposes with Tomcat 9 application container only. We do not support using the Derby database in a production environment. Instead, you must choose one of the databases in the list above.