WebDAV Clients

    There are many WebDAV clients for various operating systems, some OS support WebDAV natively.

    Linux like OS

    Great WebDAV client working on Linux systems is Konqueror. Please use different protocol in the URL: webdav://[host]:[port]/clover/webdav

    Another WebDAV client is Nautilus. Use different protocol in the URL dav://[host]:[port]/clover/webdav.

    MS windows

    Last distributions of MS Windows (Win XP and later) have native support for WebDAV. Unfortunately, it is more or less unreliable, so it is recommended to use some free or commercial WebDAV client.

    Mac OS

    Mac OS supports WebDAV natively and in this case it should be without any problems. You can use "finder" application, select "Connect to the server …​" menu item and use URL with HTTP protocol: "http://[host]:[port]/clover/webdav".