WebDAV Authentication/Authorization

    CloverDX Server WebDAV API uses the HTTP Basic Authentication by default. However it may be reconfigured to use HTTP Digest Authentication.

    Digest Authentication may be useful, since some WebDAV clients can’t work with HTTP Basic Authentication, only with Digest Authentication.

    HTTP Digest Authentication is a feature added to the version 3.1. If you upgraded your older CloverDX Server distribution, users created before the upgrade cannot use the HTTP Digest Authentication until they reset their passwords. So when they reset their passwords (or the admin does it for them), they can use Digest Authentication as well as new users.

    The HTTP Digest Authentication is configured with security.digest_authentication.* configuration properties. To enable it, set security.digest_authentication.features_list to contain features that are listed in the security.digest_authentication.features_list. As items in security.basic_authentication.features_list have higher priority, you should empty it to allow HTTP Digest Authentication to be used.

    For details on authentication methods, see and