Server Logs

    The Server Logs section allows users to quickly display the latest CloverDX Server log messages. In a Cluster environment, users can select a node to display the log files for. Since the log messages that are displayed in this section are collected in memory, the maximum number of messages is relatively low by default, but it can be easily changed by modifying the value in the Log size field and clicking on the Set button. The location and filename of the full log files is listed below for each log type.

    By clicking on the Create Support Package button, you will be redirected to the System Info section under Configuration, where you can easily generate a Support Package, which will allow you to automatically zip up and download the log files.

    For more information about what type of logging is used in CloverDX Server, how it can be modified, and how to read the log files, see Logging.

    The following Log types are available to be displayed:

    • COMMON - displays information related to Server core and worker processes, start and end times of job executions, successful and unsuccessful logins, etc.

      The full log file is located in ${}/cloverlogs/all.log.

    • WORKER - displays worker-related information (e.g. when a worker process was stopped or started, and it lists job start and end times).

      The full log file is located in ${}/cloverlogs/worker-[node_name].log.

    • CLUSTER - displays Cluster-related messages. It contains information on job delegation across nodes and other types of messages related to Cluster communication.

      The full log file is located in ${}/cloverlogs/node.log.

    • DATA SERVICES - displays information related to data services, e.g., login information, target URI, IP address, or returned HTTP code.

      The full log file is located in ${}/cloverlogs/data-service.log.

    • AUDIT - displays information about operations triggered by the CloverDX Server core, e.g., job execution calls. This log is disabled by default. Refer here for more information about how to enable it and what kind of information it logs.

      The full log file is located in ${}/cloverlogs/server-audit.log.

    • USER ACTIONS - displays user-related operations, e.g. login, logout, user creation, and file synchronization triggered by changes in Server projects.

      The full log file is located in ${}/cloverlogs/user-action.log.

    • SERVER INTEGRATION - displays information related to the interaction between CloverDX Designer and Server.

      The full log file is located in ${}/cloverlogs/server-integration.log.

    • PERFORMANCE - displays performance-related information, e.g. heartbeat age between core and worker, used worker and core heap space, system, core and worker CPU, or worker and core uptime. More information about how to read this log file can be found here.

      The full log file is located in ${}/cloverlogs/performance.log.

    • JOB QUEUE - displays information related to jobs processing, e.g., the number of currently queued and running jobs, and the current system CPU.

      The full log file is located in ${}/cloverlogs/job-queue.log.

    • MONITOR - displays information related to monitors, e.g., creation and deletion of monitors, changes in monitor states, or the number of failing items in monitors.

      The full log file is located in ${}/cloverlogs/monitor.log.

    monitoring server logs
    Figure 96. Server Logs