Internalizing External (Shared) Sequences

    Internalizing converts a linked sequence to an internal sequence whereas the original linked sequence is left untouched.

    If the original external sequence is persistent, both sequences will share the sequence file.

    If you want to internalize an external (shared) sequence, link it to the graph first.

    You can internalize any linked external (shared) sequence file into internal sequence by right-clicking some of the external (shared) sequence items in the Outline pane and selecting Internalize sequence from the context menu.

    You can even internalize multiple linked external (shared) sequence files at once. To do this, select the desired linked external (shared) sequence items in the Outline pane.

    You can select adjacent items when you press the Shift and Down Cursor or Up Cursor keys. If you want to select non-adjacent items, use Ctrl+Click at each of the desired items instead.

    After that, the linked external (shared) sequence items disappear from the Outline pane Sequences group, but, at the same location, the newly created internal sequence items appear.

    However, the original external (shared) sequence files still remain in the seq folder of the corresponding project which can be seen in the Project Explorer pane (sequence files have the .cfg extensions).