OnError() Functions

    Alternatively to the Try-Catch Statement introduced in CloverDX 5.6, you can use a set of optional OnError() functions that exist to each required transformation function.

    For example, for required functions (e.g. append(), transform(), etc.), there exist following optional functions:

    appendOnError(), transformOnError(), etc.

    Each of these required functions may have its (optional) counterpart whose name differs from the original (required) by adding the OnError suffix.

    Moreover, every <required ctl template function>OnError() function returns the same values as the original required function.

    This way, any exception that is thrown by the original required function causes call of its <required ctl template function>OnError() counterpart (e.g. transform() fail may call transformOnError(), etc.).

    In this transformOnError(), any incorrect code can be fixed, an error message can be printed to the Console, etc.

    Remember that these OnError() functions are not called when the original required functions return Error codes (values less then -1).

    If you want some OnError() function to be called, you need to use the raiseError(string arg) function. Or (as stated before) any exception thrown by original required function calls its OnError() counterpart as well.