Externalizing Internal Lookup Tables

    Externalization is a conversion of an internal lookup table to an external one. The newly created external lookup table is linked to the original graph. So that you would be able to use the same lookup table within other graphs.

    To externalize an internal lookup table into an external (shared) file, right-click the desired internal lookup table item in the Outline pane within Lookups group and select Externalize lookup table from the context menu. If your lookup table contains internal metadata or internal database connection, the wizard allows you to externalize them as well.

    In the first step, choose a name for lookup table configuration and directory to be placed to. The lookup table configuration is usually stored in the lookup directory within the project.

    If the lookup table uses internal metadata, you will export it in the second step of the wizard. You will be offered file name and meta directory to store external (shared) metadata.

    If the lookup table uses an internal database connection, the wizard will guide you through export of the database connection. The suggested directory for database connections is conn.

    After that, the internal metadata (and internal connection) and lookup table items disappear from the Outline pane Metadata (and Connections) and Lookups group, respectively, but at the same location, new entries appear, already linked the newly created external (shared) metadata (and the connection configuration file) and lookup table files within the corresponding groups. The same files appear in the meta, conn and lookup subdirectories of the project, respectively, and can be seen in the Project Explorer pane.

    Externalizing Multiple Lookup Tables at Once

    You can even externalize multiple internal lookup table items at once. To do this, select them in the Outline pane and after right-click, select Externalize lookup table from the context menu. The process described above is repeated until all the selected lookup tables (along with the metadata and/or connection assigned to them, if needed) are externalized.

    You can choose adjacent lookup table items when you press Shift and then press the Down Cursor or the Up Cursor key. If you want to choose non-adjacent items, use Ctrl+Click at each of the desired connection items instead.