Chapter 3. System Requirements

    CloverDX Designer has the following hardware and software requirements:


    Table 3.1. Hardware requirements for CloverDX Designer

    RAM4 GB; 8 GB or more for optimal performance
    ProcessorsDual core CPU; quad core CPU for optimal performance
    Disk space (installation)1 GB
    Disk space (data)1 GB (minimum; depending on data)


    • Supported operating systems:

      • Microsoft Windows 10, 64-bit

      • Linux 64-bit with GTK+ 3.20.0 or newer. Any modern distribution should work although we test primarily on Ubuntu.

      • Mac OS X or macOS 11

    • Java:

      • AdoptOpenJDK 11 HotSpot, 64-bit (recommended)

      • Oracle JDK 8, 64-bit


    The support for 32-bit Windows was removed in 5.8.0.


    For full functionality of CloverDX Designer, you will need Java Development Kit (JDK). This will allow you to build your own Java transformations or optimize performance of your CTL code. CloverDX Designer will also run with Java Runtime Environment (JRE). However, we recommend you to use JDK if possible.


    Software requirements:

    • Microsoft Windows, macOS - no additional software is needed. Our installer includes all required dependencies.

    • Linux - AdoptOpenJDK 11 or Oracle Java 8 Runtime Environment (Java Development Kit is recommended). GTK+ 3.20.0 or newer and its dependencies are required.