Salesforce Connections

    Creating Salesforce Connection
    Important Details

    Salesforce connection allows you to connect to Salesforce. The connection is required by components reading from and writing to Salesforce.

    Creating Salesforce Connection

    To create a Salesforce connection, right click Connections in Outline and choose ConnectionsCreate Salesforce Connection.

    In Salesforce Connection Dialog, fill in Username, Password, and Security token.

    Salesforce Connection Dialog

    Figure 32.14. Salesforce Connection Dialog

    Username is your Salesforce username.

    Password is password to your Salesforce account.

    Security token is a security token for an external application. You can acquire a new security token in Salesforce web GUI: [Username]My SettingsPersonalReset My Security Token.

    To specify password and security token, use Secure Graph Parameters.

    Salesforce Connection Dialog II

    Figure 32.15. Salesforce Connection Dialog II

    Login hostname is a URL of Salesforce service. The default value is

    Connect timeout (seconds) is timeout for creating the Salesforce connection. The default value is 30.

    Read timeout (seconds) is timeout for subsequent network operations. The default value is 30.

    Default bulk polling interval (seconds) is the time between requests for results of asynchronous calls. This configuration can be overridden in configuration of Salesforce components. Lower value means faster response but more API calls.

    If you need to use a proxy, it can be configured on Proxy tab. In Salesforce connection, only an anonymous proxy is supported.

    Salesforce Connection Dialog III

    Figure 32.16. Salesforce Connection Dialog III

    Use Validate connection to validate the connection.

    Use OK to save the configuration.

    Important Details

    Salesforce edition

    Using Salesforce connections requires the Integration via web service API Salesforce feature. Make sure your Salesforce edition supports the API integration.

    Limits on Connections

    If you design a graph, you should know that there is a limit on number of requests and on number of concurrent requests. These limits depend on the Salesforce edition you use. See the Salesforce documentation for details on these limits.

    SSL hostname verification fails of WebLogic

    Salesforce server's certificate has CN=* It causes SSL hostname verification to fail on WebLogic.

    Possible solutions are:

    1. Disable SSL Hostname verification by adding following parameters to container hosting CloverDX Server.


    2. Configure as a hostname verifier. See

    3. Use the Sun HTTP handler instead of WebLogic's one. Add the following parameter to the container hosting CloverDX Server:


    The above-mentioned solutions work with supported WebLogic versions except WebLogic 10. If you use WebLogic 10, use following properties: