This section is intended to users management. It offers features in dependence on user’s permissions (i.e. a user may enter this section, but cannot modify anything, or they may modify, but cannot create new users).

    The Users section of the Configuration menu allows you to:

    Create New User

    Edit Users Record

    Change Users Password

    Assign Users to Groups

    Disable / Enable Users

    After default installation on an empty database, the admin user is created automatically.

    Table 20. Admin user
    User name Description


    Clover user has admin permissions, thus default password clover should be changed after installation.

    Create New User

    When creating a new User, you must enter the following information:

    Table 21. User attributes
    Attribute Description


    A common user identifier. Must be unique, cannot contain spaces or special characters, just letters and numbers.


    Domain which is the origin of the user. Currently, you can choose from clover, ldap and saml.

    First name

    The user’s first name.

    Last name

    The user’s last name.


    Email address which may be used by CloverDX administrator or by CloverDX Server for automatic notifications. See Send an Email for details.

    Send welcome email

    Sends an email to the newly created user.


    Case sensitive password. If a user loses his password, the new one must be set. The password is stored in an encrypted form for security reasons, so it cannot be retrieved from a database and must be changed by the user who has proper permission for such operation.

    Verify password

    Verify the entered password.

    Require password change

    If checked, the user must change the password at next sign-in.

    Edit Users Record

    A user with a Create user or Edit user permission can use this form to set basic user parameters.

    Change Users Password

    If a user loses his password, the new one must be set. So a user with the Change passwords permission can use this form to do it.

    Assign Users to Groups

    Assignment to groups gives the user proper permissions. Only logged user with the Groups assignment permission can access this form and specify groups which the user is assigned in. For details about permissions, see Groups.

    Disable / Enable Users

    Since a user record has various relations to the logs and history records, it can’t be deleted. So it is disabled instead. This means that the record doesn’t display in the list and the user can’t login.

    However, a disabled user may be enabled again. Note that the disabled user is removed from their groups, so groups should be assigned properly after re-enabling.