Excel Sheet Profiling

    Another option in CloverDX Data Profiler is to analyze Excel sheets (XLS/XLSX file). Follow the initial steps described in Creating Jobs and you will get a screen shown below.

    DataProfiler Excel
    Figure 20. Excel sheet settings

    After you locate the Excel source file to be analyzed, specify Charset of the data stored in it. If the file has more than one sheet, you have to decide about the Sheet you are going to work with. The first sheet is selected by default.

    Handling metadata works just the same as in File Profiling. However, extracting metadata from an Excel sheet works slightly different (see the picture below). For more information, visit the Extracting Metadata from an XLS(X) File.

    DataProfiler extractMetadataExcel
    Figure 21. Extracting metadata from Excel sheet

    If you are going to profile large Excel sheets (hundreds of columns, thousands of rows), make sure the profiling engine has enough memory available by adjusting the CloverDX Runtime Configuration.

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