Run Configurations

    Run Configurations serve to customize run settings for particular profiler jobs.

    Run configuration dialog is opened from RunRun Configuration.

    Jobs you have run before will appear in a list where you can specify their run configuration in a closer detail. See the picture below:

    Run configurations window

    Figure 3.1. Run configurations window

    Log level

    Log level controls how much information is sent to the log. Use the drop-down menu to choose from various types of log levels, some of which are more verbose (e.g. DEBUG) than others (e.g. FATAL). The default value is INFO.


    Profiling of data with a large number of fields that have memory consuming metrics enabled, e.g. 200 fields calculating median may result in java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Direct buffer memory error that can be solved by increasing the memory. The amount of Java memory size can be set up in CloverDX Runtime Configuration.