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    Short Description

    SequenceChecker checks the sort order of input data records.

    ComponentSame input metadataSorted inputsInputsOutputsEach to all outputs[1]JavaCTLAuto-propagated metadata

    [1]  The component sends each data record to all connected output ports.


    Port typeNumberRequiredDescriptionMetadata
    Input0For input data recordsAny
    Output0-nFor checked and copied data records.Input 0[1]

    [1]  If data records are sorted properly, they can be sent to the connected output port(s).


    All metadata must be the same.

    Metadata can be propagated through this component.

    SequenceChecker Attributes

    AttributeReqDescriptionPossible values
    Sort keyyes

    The key according to which records should be sorted. If they are sorted in any other way, the graph fails. For more information, see Sort Key.

    Unique keys 

    By default, values of Sort key should be unique. If set to false, values of Sort key can be duplicated.

    true (default) | false
    Equal NULL 

    By default, records with null values of fields are considered to be equal. If set to false, nulls are considered to be different.

    true (default) | false
    Sort order 

    Order of sorting (Ascending or Descending). Can be denoted by the first letter (A or D) only. The same for all key fields. Default sort order is ascending. If records are not sorted this way, the graph fails.

    Ascending (default) | Descending

    Locale to be used when internationalization is set to true. By default, a system value is used unless the value of Locale specified in the defaultProperties file is uncommented and set to desired Locale. For more information on how Locale may be changed in the defaultProperties, see Chapter 17, Engine Configuration.

    a system value or specified default value (default) | other locale
    Use internationalization 

    By default, no internationalization is used. If set to true, sorting according national properties is performed.

    false (default) | true


    SequenceChecker receives data records through its single input port and checks their sort order. If this does not correspond to the specified Sort key, the graph fails. If the sort order corresponds to the specified Sort key, data records can optionally be sent to all connected output port(s).