Creating Jobs

    Jobs are data profiling scenarios. A job defines which metrics analyze your data, the data source itself and metadata (see Metadata). Jobs are stored inside projects (see Working With Projects).

    To create a job, go to the main menu and navigate through File  New  Profiler Job. In the next screen, type in a new job name. It has to be unique within one project. Next, choose a project to save the job into.

    If you check Link to file in the file system and choose a destination, you can save the job to an arbitrary file outside the workspace. The file you are linking to will be overwritten.

    DataProfiler newJob 010
    Figure 9. Creating a new job in project

    Select the location of the *.cpj file. We suggest to use the profile directory.

    DataProfiler newJob 020
    Figure 10. Storing new job in project

    Data Source

    On the Data Source screen (the figure below), select one of three available data formats to be analyzed:

    DataProfiler dataSource
    Figure 11. Choosing Data Source

    According to the selected Source Type, continue with one of the following links.