Part V. Using Graphs

Table of Contents

27. Graph/Jobflow Parameters
Parameters by Execution Type
Adding Another Graph Parameters
28. Tasks
Send an Email
Execute Shell Command
Start a Graph
Start a Jobflow
Start a Profiler Job
Abort job
Archive Records
Send a JMS Message
Execute Groovy Code
29. Manual Task Execution
30. Scheduling
Timetable Setting
Allocations of Scheduled Task on Nodes
Scheduling the Tasks - Examples
Start a graph at specific time
Start a Jobflow once an hour
Complex Scheduling
31. Viewing Job Runs - Execution History
Filtering and ordering
Log File
32. Listeners
Graph Event Listeners
Graph Events
Use Cases
Jobflow Event Listeners
Jobflow Events
JMS Message Listeners
Universal Event Listeners
Evaluation Criteria
File Event Listeners (remote and local)
Cluster environment
Supported filesystems and protocols
Observed file
File Events
Check Interval, Task and Use Cases
Task Failure Listeners
Task Choice
Task Failed E-mail Template
33. Recommendations for Transformations Developers
34. Extensibility - CloverDX Engine Plugins
35. Troubleshooting