Part VII. Cluster

Table of Contents

41. Sandboxes in Cluster
Using a Sandbox Resource as a Component Data Source
Remote Edges
42. Cluster Configuration
Mandatory Cluster Properties
Optional Cluster Properties
Example of 2 Node Cluster Configuration
Basic 2-nodes Cluster Configuration
2-nodes Cluster with Proxied Access to Database
2-nodes Cluster with Load Balancer
Example of 3 Node Cluster Configuration
Basic 3-nodes Cluster Configuration
Jobs Load Balancing Properties
Running More Clusters
43. Recommendations for Cluster Deployment
44. Troubleshooting
NodeA Cannot Establish HTTP Connection to NodeB
NodeA Cannot Establish TCP Connection (Port 7800 by Default) to NodeB
NodeB is Killed or It Cannot Connect to the Database
Auto-Resuming in Unreliable Network
Long-Term Network Malfunction May Cause Jobs to Hang on