Part VI. API

Table of Contents

36. Simple HTTP API
37. JMX mBean
JMX Configuration
38. SOAP WebService API
SOAP WS Client
SOAP WS API Authentication/Authorization
39. Launch Services
Launch Services Authentication
Sending the Data to Launch Service
Results of the Graph Execution
40. Data Services
User Interface
List of Data Services
Testing and Documentation
State and History
Alerts and Notification
Catalog of Services
Built-in Data Service Examples
HTTPS Connectors
Using Data Services
Deploying Data Service
Publishing and Unpublishing Data Service from Sandbox
Publishing Data Service Examples
Changing Data Service to Anonymous
Running Data Service on HTTPS
Running Data Service on HTTPS on Cluster
Monitoring Data Service
Testing Data Service
Performance Tuning
Exporting Data Service Configuration
Importing Data Service Configuration
Avoiding Premature Marking of Data Service as Failing
Looking up Particular Data Service
Resetting State of Failing Data Service Endpoint
Custom HTTP Headers
Data Services on Cluster