Chapter 29. Manual Task Execution

Since 3.1

A manual task execution allows you to invoke a task directly with an immediate effect, without defining and triggering an event.

There are a number of task types that are usually associated with a triggering event, such as a file listener or a graph/jobflow listener. You can execute any of these tasks manually.

Additionally, you can specify task parameters to simulate a source event that would normally trigger the task. The following is a figure displaying how a 'file event' could be simulated. The parameters for various event sources are listed in the Chapter 27, Graph/Jobflow Parameters.

Web GUI - "Manual task execution" form

Figure 29.1. Web GUI - "Manual task execution" form

Using Manual Task Execution

In the Server GUI, switch to the Event Listeners tab. In the New Listener drop-down menu, select the Manual Task Execution option.

Choose the task type you would like to use. See documenation on chosen tasks:

Send an Email
Execute Shell Command
Start a Graph
Start a Jobflow
Start a Profiler Job
Abort job
Archive Records
Send a JMS Message
Execute Groovy Code

To access the Manual Task Execution form, you need Manual task execution permission.