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MSSQLDataWriter loads data into MSSQL database.

Component Data output Input ports Output ports Transformation Transf. required Java CTL Auto-propagated metadata


Port typeNumberRequiredDescriptionMetadata
Input0 [1] Records to be loaded into the databaseAny
For information about incorrect recordsInput 0 (plus three Error Fields for MSSQLDataWriter

[1]  If no file containing data for loading (Loader input file) is specified, the input port must be connected.

This component has one optional input port and one optional output port.


MSSQLDataWriter does not propagate metadata.

Metadata on the output port 0 contain three additional fields at their end: number of incorrect row, number of incorrect column, error message.

Table 56.4. Error Fields for MSSQLDataWriter

Field numberField nameData typeDescription
LastInputField + 1<anyname1>integerNumber of incorrect row
LastInputField + 2<anyname2>integerNumber of incorrect column
LastInputField + 3<anyname3>stringError message

MSSQLDataWriter Attributes

AttributeReqDescriptionPossible values
Path to bcp utilityyesName of bcp utility, including path. SQL Server Client Connectivity Components must be installed and configured on the same machine where CloverDX runs. Bcp command line tool must be available. 
DatabaseyesName of the database where the destination table or view resides. 
Server name 

Name of the server to which bcp utility should connect.

If bcp utility connects to local named or remote named instance of server, Server name should be set to serverName\instanceName.

If bcp utility connects to local default or remote default instance of server, Server name should be set to serverName. If it is not set, bcp connects to the local default instance of server on localhost. The same meaning is true for the serverName which can be set in Parameters. However, if both Server name attribute and the serverName parameter are set, serverName in Parameters is ignored.

Database table [1] Name of the destination table. 
Database view [1] Name of the destination view. All columns of the view must refer to the same table.  
Database schema Owner of table or view. It does not need to be specified if the user performing the operations is the owner. If it is not set and the user is not the owner, SQL Server returns an error message and the process is cancelled. 
User nameyesLogin ID to be used when connecting to the server. The same can be set by specifying the value of the userName parameter in the Parameters attribute. If set, userName in Parameters is ignored.  
PasswordyesPassword for the login ID to be used when connecting to the server. The same can be set by specifying the value of the password parameter in the Parameters attribute. If set, password in Parameters is ignored. 
Column delimiter Delimiter used for each column in data. Field values cannot have the delimiter within them. The same can be set by specifying the value of the fieldTerminator parameter in the Parameters attribute. If set, fieldTerminator in Parameters is ignored. \t (default) | any other character
Loader input file [2] Name of the input file to be loaded, including path. For more information, see Loader input file.  
Parameters All parameters that can be used as parameters by the bcp utility. These values are contained in a sequence of pairs of the following form: key=value, or key only (if the key value is the boolean true) separated from each other by semicolon. If the value of any parameter contains semicolon as its part, such value must be double quoted. For more information, see Parameters.  

[1]  One of these must be specified.

[2]  If the input port is not connected, Loader input file must be specified and contain data. See Loader input file for more information.


MSSQLDataWriter loads data into a MSSQL database using the MSSQL database client. SQL Server Client Connectivity Components must be installed and configured on the same machine where CloverDX runs. The bcp command line tool must be available.

MSSQLDataWriter reads data through the input port or from a file. If the input port is not connected to any other component, data must be contained in file that should be specified in the component using Loader input file attribute.

If you connect some other component to the optional output port, it can serve to log the rejected records and information about errors. Metadata on this error port must have the same metadata fields as the input records plus three additional fields at its end: number of incorrect row (integer), number of incorrect column (integer), error message (string).

MSSQLDataWriter is a bulk loader suitable for uploading many records to database. To insert several records, you can also use DBOutputTable, which does not require the bcp utility.

Loader input file

Depending on an edge being connected to the input port, you either can or you must specify another attribute (Loader input file). It is the name of an input file with data to be loaded, including its path.

  • If it is not set, a loader file is created in CloverDX or OS temporary directory (on Windows) or named pipe is used instead of temporary file (on Unix). The file is deleted after the load finishes.

  • If it is set, specified file is created. It is not deleted after data is loaded and it is overwritten on each graph run.

  • If an input port is not connected, the file must exist, must be specified and must contain data that should be loaded. It is not deleted nor overwritten.


Parameters serve to pass additional parameters to bcp utility. All of the parameters must have the form of key=value or key only (if its value is true). Individual parameters must be separated from each other by a colon, semicolon or pipe. Note that a colon, semicolon or pipe can also be a part of some parameter value, but in this case the value must be double quoted.

Among the optional parameters, you can also set userName, password or fieldTerminator for User name, Password or Column delimiter attributes, respectively. If some of the three attributes (User name, Password and Column delimiter) will be set, corresponding parameter value will be ignored.

If you also need to specify the server name, you should do it within parameters. The pattern is as follows: serverName=[msServerHost]:[msServerPort]. For example, you can specify both server name and user name in the following way: serverName=msDbServer:1433|userName=msUser.

Notes and Limitations

MSSQLDataWriter does not write lists and maps.


Loading data to MSSQL database

Load records (productID, amount) to table products of MSSQL database sales on Database schema is dbo, username is smithj and password is smithy.


Install bcp utility.

Set up the following attributes of MSSQLDataWriter.

Path to bcp utilityC:/Program Files/Microsoft SQL Server/Client SDK/ODBC/110/Tools/Binn/bcp.exe
Database tableproducts
Database schemadbo

In case the server uses a non-standard port number, append the port number after Server name.,1437

The port number is separated by a comma, not by a semicolon.


To test that the connection to database works, you can read some database table with bcp utility directly:

bcp [database_name].[database_schema].[tablename] out outputfile -U user -S serverHostName,port -c


bcp master.dbo.products out products.txt -U doejohn -S,1435 -c

You can use the utility to check that you can insert records into database table:

bcp [database_name].[database_schema].[tablename] in inputfile -U user -S serverHostName,port -c


bcp master.dbo.products in inputfile.txt -U doejohn -S,1435 -c

The inputfile.txt should be a tab-delimited csv file.

See also documentation on bcp.

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