Kerberos Authentication for Hadoop

For user authentication in Hadoop, CloverDX can use the Kerberos authentication protocol.

To use Kerberos, you have to set up your Java, project and HDFS connection. For more information, see Kerberos requirements and setting.

Note that the following instructions are applicable for Tomcat application server and Unix-like systems.

Java Setting

There are several ways of setting Java for Kerberos. In case of the first two options (configuration via system properties and via configuration file), you must modify both in CloverDX Server and CloverDXDesigner.ini in CloverDX Designer.

Additionally, add the parameters in CloverDX Designer to WindowPreferencesCloverDX RuntimeVM parameters pane.

Project Setting
Connection Setting

Kerberos authentication requires the hadoop-auth-*.jar library on both HDFS + MapReduce and Hive connection classpath.