Chapter 27. Graph Tracking

Changing Record Count Font Size

The CloverDX engine provides various tracking information about running graphs. The most important information is used to populate the Tracking view, located on bottom of the CloverDX perspective (see the designer's tabs).

The same source of data is used for displaying decorations on graph elements. The number of transferred records appears along the edges of a running graph. The phase edges have two numbers, the left end of the edge shows the number of data records sent to the edge, and the right end of the edge shows the number of data records already read from the phase edge.

Edge tracking example

Figure 27.1. Edge tracking example

In case the graph is running in the CloverDX Cluster environment with a multi-worker allocation, the in-graph tracking information can go into even more detail. Each component displays the number of instances of the component, i.e. parallel executions. Tracking information on edges is available in three levels of detail - low, medium and high. The level can be changed in WindowPreferenceCloverDXTracking page. Or press 'D' to iterate over all levels of tracking details directly in the graph editor.