Part VIII. Data Services

Table of Contents

49. Overview
50. Architecture
51. Development
Data Service Job Editor
Endpoint Configuration
Data Service REST Job Logic
Anatomy of Data Service Jobs
Input and Output Components
HTTP Request Payload
HTTP Request Parameters
HTTP Headers
HTTP Response
Multiple Edges
HTTP Status Code and Headers
Execution Steps of Data Service Jobs
Exceptions and Error Handling
Auto-generated Documentation and Swagger/OpenAPI Definition
Testing Service Logic in Designer
Testing Services Deployed on Server
52. Use cases
Custom Serialization
Sending a File Generated by .rjob
Publishing a Static File
Using CTL2 Functions in Data Services
Data Service that Receives a File or Text in Body Part
Converting Graph to Data Service
Converting Graphs to Data Service
Publishing Data Service
Publishing Multiple Data Services at Once
Unpublishing Data Service
Unpublishing Multiple Data Services at Once
53. Example
Echo to Upper Case
54. Troubleshooting
Server Returns Error Code 404
Server Returns Error Code 500
Server Returns Error Code 503