CTL2 Appendix - List of National-specific Characters

Several functions, e.g. editDistance (string, string, integer, string, integer) need to operate with special national characters. These are important especially when sorting items with a defined comparison strength.

The list below shows first the locale and then the list of its national-specific derivatives for each letter. These may be treated either as equal or different characters depending on the comparison strength you define.

Table 68.1. National Characters

LocaleNational Characters
CA - Catalan
CZ - Czech
DA - Danish and Norwegian
DE - German
ES - Spanish
ET - Estonian
FI - Finnish
FR - French
HR - Croatian
HU - Hungarian
IS - Icelandic
IT - Italian
LV - Latvian
PL - Polish
PT - Portuguese
RO - Romanian
RU - Russian
SK - Slovak
SL - Slovenian
SQ - Albanian
SV - Swedish